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Old Testament Stories

Walking With Jesus              VL=Video Lesson

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Kids Clubs Leadership Manual

120 .PDF Printable Files for  12 page Booklets

Intro. Lesson  - Road to Emmaus

    1 God's Creation        31 God Led Them     1   Zacharias   VL   31   Lost Sheep VL
    2 Adam and Eve       32 12 Spies          2   Angelic Visit VL   32   Prodigal Son VL
    3 Noah's Ark      33 Scapegoat         3   To Bethlehem VL   33   The Great Divide VL
    4 Rainbow Promise      34 Jericho         4   Wise Men VL   34   Lazarus Arise VL
    5 Tower of Babel      35 Joshua's Great Stone         5   Birth of Jesus VL   35   Jesus Loves Children  VL
    6 Abram       36 Deborah         6   Mary and Jesus VL   36   Triumphant Entry VL
    7 Sarah Laughs      37 Sampson     7   Escape to Egypt VL   37   House of Prayer VL
    8 Pillar of Salt       38 Ruth     8   My Father's Business VL   38   Anointing Jesus  VL
    Baby Isaac   39 Hannah's Prayers     9   Jesus Baptized VL   39 Wash Disciples Feet  VL
  10 Abraham and Isaac     40 Samuel's Calling   10  Mt. Of Temptation VL   40   The Last Supper VL
  11 Rebekah      41 Shepherd David   11   Water to Wine VL   41   Another Comforter VL
  12 Esau's Birthright      42 David & Goliath   12   Nicodemus VL   42  Garden of Gethsemane VL
  13 Jacob's Ladder      43 David Annointed   13   Woman at the Well VL   43   Kiss of Betrayal VL
  14 Jacob and Rachel      44 Bathsheba   14   Fishers of Men VL   44   Peter Denies Jesus VL
  15  Jacob Wrestled       45 Absalom   15   Jesus Heals a Leper VL   45   Judas Just Reward VL
  16 Joseph's Pit        46 Solomon's Wisdom   16   Paralytic Healed VL   46   Pontius Pilot VL
  17 Cupbearer and Baker      47 Queen of Sheeba   17   Sermon on the Mount VL   47  Crown of Thorns VL
  18 Pharaoh and Joseph       48 Jerusalem Destroyed   18   Wash Jesus' Feet VL   48  Carrying the Cross VL
  19 Joseph's Brothers       49 Nehemiah   19   Peace be Still VL   49   Nails for our Sin VL
  20 Joseph and Israel       50  Esther   20   Hem of His Garment VL   50   Sour Wine and Gall VL
  21 Israelite Slaves       51 God Provides   21   Twelve Sent Out VL   51   It is Finished VL
  22 Baby Moses        52 Elijah & Fire   22   John The Baptist VL   52   Golgotha VL
  23 Burning Bush      53 Elijah's Mantle   23   Jesus Feeds 5000 VL   53   Jesus Burial VL
  24 Miracle Staff       54 Elisha heals Naaman   24   Walking on Water VL   54   Roll the Stone Away VL
  25 The Passover       55 The Widow's Oil   25   Mt. of  Transfiguration VL   55   Two Angels in White VL
  26 Red Sea       56 Fiery Furnace   26   He Without Sin VL   56   He Alive! VL
  27 Meribah       57 Writing on the Wall   27   The Blind Can See! VL   57   Doubting Thomas VL
  28 Mt. Sinai        58 Lion's Den   28   The Good Samaritan VL   58    Peter Restored VL
  29 10 Commandments       59 Jonah's Whale   29   How should we pray? VL   59   The Ascension VL
  30 Golden Calf       60 Wind & Chaff   30   Sabbath Healing VL   60   Holy Spirit Baptism VL

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Sample video: About my Father's Business

Example of Flipping pages

      Kids Clubs Leadership Manual

    1   Zacharias     31   Lost Sheep
    2   Angelic Visit     32   Prodigal Son
    3   To Bethlehem     33   Rich Man and Lazarus
    4   Shepherds     34   Lazarus Arise
    5   Birth of Jesus     35   Jesus Loves the Children
    6   Baby Jesus     36   Triumphant Entry
    7   Escape to Egypt     37   House of Prayer
    8   My Father's Business     38   Anointing Jesus 
    9   Jesus Baptized     39   Wash Disciples Feet 
  10  Mt. Of Temptation     40   The Last Supper
  11  Water to Wine     41   Another Comforter
  12   Nicodemus     42  Garden of Gethsemane
  13   Woman at the Well     43   Kiss of Betrayal
  14   Fishers of Men     44   Peter Denies Jesus
  15   Jesus Heals a Leper     45   Judas Just Reward
  16   Paralytic Healed     46   Pontius Pilate
  17   Sermon on the Mount     47  Crown of Thorns
  18   Wash Jesus' Feet     48  Carrying the Cross
  19   Peace be Still     49   Nails for our Sin
  20   Hem of His Garment     50   Sour Wine and Gall
  21   Twelve Sent Out     51   It is Finished
  22   John The Baptist     52   Golgotha
  23   Jesus Feeds 5000     53   Jesus Burial

  24   Walking on Water

    54   Roll the Stone Away
  25   Mt. of Transfiguration     55   Two Angels in White
  26   He Without Sin     56   He's Alive!
  27   The Blind Can See!     57   Doubting Thomas
  28   The Good Samaritan     58    Peter Restored
  29   How should we pray?     59   The Ascension
  30   Sabbath Healing     60   Day of Pentecost
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